Flue pipe

Alfa flue pipe

The Alfa flue pipe facilitates the conveying of outlet fumes and allows the installation of professional pizza ovens outside.

Made of stainless steel the Alfa flue pipes are designed and built to resist high temperatures and corrosion.

The quality of the workmanship allows the fumes and vapours released during cooking to flow correctly outside in complete safety.

  • Made of thick stainless steel 8/10;
  • Made in Italy;
  • Compatible with the Alfa Quick Series ovens.
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Discover the flue pipe for Alfa ovens

The Alfa flue pipe is the ideal accessory for the Quick Series pizza ovens. It allows fumes and vapours to be adequately conveyed outside, always correctly and in compliance with the safety and environmental regulations.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the flue pipes for Alfa professional ovens offer consistently high performance and compliance with the energy standards.

Correct fume management allows pizza chefs to work in healthier, odour-free environments.

Installing a suitable flue also means helping to protect the oven. In fact, wear and the accumulation of soot are reduced.

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