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Adjustable vertical oven brush

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Alfa adjustable vertical oven brush

The Alfa vertical oven brush is designed to clean professional wood-fired and gas ovens easily and quickly.

The thick brass bristles are able to resist high temperatures and make it the ideal accessory to quickly brush the oven floor.

The rear scraper of the stainless steel brush is used to effectively remove any cooking residues left on the floor.

Designed to make the work of white art professionals easier, the Alfa vertical brush has an adjustable head to easily reach any area of the oven.

  • Brass bristles;
  • Stainless steel rear scraper;
  • Anodised aluminium handle;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Robust and lightweight;
  • Made in Italy;
  • Compatible with all Alfa professional wood-fired and gas pizza ovens.


Discover the Alfa vertical oven brush

The Alfa adjustable vertical oven brush is specially designed to remove dirt from the floor of professional wood-fired ovens with extreme ease.

Thanks to the adjustable head of the brush it is possible to move the ash and cooking residues laterally, keeping the oven floor clean.

The brass bristles and the anodised aluminium tubular handle make it particularly robust and heat resistant.

This latter feature is essential to be able to use it to clean the gas and wood-fired oven both before and after cooking.

Choose the size best suited to your Alfa oven

The Alfa vertical oven brushes are available in two sizes:

Model 160
Model 190

Do you want to know which is the best oven for you?

Alfa adjustable vertical oven brush | Alfa Forni
Alfa adjustable vertical oven brush | Alfa Forni

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Alfa adjustable vertical oven brush | Alfa Forni

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