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The kit to turn your gas-fired oven into a wood-fired one.


Material: AISI 441 machined stainless-steel

2 Components: a burner and a wood holder.

Maximum temperature: up to 1.000 °C (1.800 °F)

Available for models: Brio, Stone Oven e Dolce Vita


The patented Alfa Forni kit allows to turn your gas-fired oven into a wood-burning one.

Just two simple steps to make the switch: cover the burner on the left with the lid to protect it from the soot and the heat of the flame and use the holder to wedge the firewood.

This way the fire starts to burn on the side opposite the burner and never on the burner lid (check the burner is working well before using the gas again).

Made of AISI 441 stainless-steel, the hybrid kit has been specially designed to make the use of the gas-burning oven as easy as possible and to enjoy the pleasures of a wood fire.

Models Burner cover Wood holder
BRIO 17x54x4 cm 37×20 cm
STONE OVEN  13×39.5×4 cm 37×20 cm
DOLCE VITA  13×60.5×6 cm 59×23 cm


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