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Product experience is part of the all-important customer experience and companies are betting big on it; that’s why we host feedback from professionals who have chosen and keep on choosing Alfa ovens for their restaurant activities. Heeding and listening to professionals who use these high-end ovens to bake marvellous dishes day in day out is without doubt the best endorsement for customers who decide to buy and install one of our products and to sail through the different models that make up our catalogue.

Those who have chosen Alfa pro

There is no reference that is more sincere than a customer. Many professionals have chosen and continue to choose Alfa Pro and we reserve for each of them the same care and attention, because we have decided to offer the best solutions and all of our professionalism.

  • We used a Quattro pro oven for our bistro, the practicality and ease of ignition are factors that made us choose Alfa Pro than the other traditional ovens. When in the morning we take it outside for an organized brunch, for the occasion of a business meeting, the tourists stopped remaining fascinated.

    Stefano and Mattia
    Stefano and Mattia
  • The Tower Hotel is nestled between the River Thames, St Katharine Docks and alongside world Heritage Site,The Tower of London with incredible views of Tower Bridge.

    The Tower Hotel
    The Tower Hotel
  • Accademia della pizza e arti bianche based in Veroli offers a range of different courses to suit all needs: not just professionals but lovers of the gastronomic world.

    APAB Social page
  • International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai is a world-class culinary training centre. It was established in the year 2005, with a mission to become the leading culinary training provider in the Middle East and redefine the way in which professional & personal culinary training is delivered across the region.

    ICCA Web site
  • A web site dedicated to those who like to always have hands their hands in the pasta, it is a meeting point for lovers of bread, pizza and all leavened products for baking, so as to, share experiences and provide guidance to improve one’s skills.

    Profumi dal Forno
    Profumi dal Forno Blogger
  • South-African by birth, French for some time and English by adoption, made his own passion a real job. He defines himself as an “outdoor cooking expert” and his own mission is to prove that everyone can be “an outdoor chef”.

    Cornelius Veakins
    Cornelius Veakins Brand ambassador
  • I can definitely say that choosing the Achille oven was a winning move. It reaches the right temperature in a short time and I have noticed a substantial savings in fuel consumption.

  • The main aims of the platform are:

    • providing enterprises with useful tools for searching for staff;
    • facilitating the matching of supply and demand for labor;
    • promoting the integration into employment of pupils who have frequented the hotel schools and professional institutes;
    • stimulating trade multicultural foreigners seeking work abroad;
    • centralizing all jobs offers in the sector;
    • enhancing professionalism in the catering and hotel sectors.

    Rysto Web site
  • Ikos Resorts chosen the Alfa Pro oven Quick for its kitchens. Ikos Resorts – Gerakini – Grecia

    Ikos Olivia
    Ikos Olivia
  • Trastevere, the heart of Rome, here is a El Munta a place where organic ingredients, flour selected and passion are melted and in the Opera oven become the real Italian Pizza. Pizzeria El-Munta – Trastevere – Roma

    Pizzeria El-Munta
    Pizzeria El-Munta