Alfa pro outdoor ovens – stone hearth oven suitable anywhere for your restaurant activities

Consider a terrace, garden or outdoor seating arrangement for your restaurant as an additional way to increase a profit during a good season.

Imagine doing pizza showcooking in front of the sea or in a garden surrounded by trees and flowers, with Alfa Pro professional pizza ovens this dream comes true. Alfa Pro has the most versatile range of commercial wood and gas ovens with wheels that can be moved from indoor to outdoor easily. The strong strucure in stainless steel with 7 layers of powder coating ensures excellent weather resistance.


180 kg


4 wheels



Outdoor | Alfa Forni

Catering pizza ovens

Imagine doing a fantastic cooking show during an event that leaves your guests amazed. Alfa Pro professional wood and gas fired oven is the unique versatile device for catering business. Easy to transport thanks to the wheels and due to the lightweight, this ready to use commercial oven reaches the optimal temperature in just 30 minutes. The high quality refractory floor makes for superior heat retention and maximum cooking performance.

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Outdoor | Alfa Forni

Pizza ovens for garden

Alfa Pro commercial pizza ovens allows you to offer to your guests an amazing outdoor patio seating so they can enjoy a delicious meal with the sun shining above, or during the cool summer evenings on your roof terrace. The possibility to move the device outside anytime is what makes Alfa Pro, wood and gas fired ovens for restaurant, different. Fast to heat up and can bake up to 8 pizzas at a time in just 90 seconds. Their multiple layers of ceramic fiber blanket ensures high heat retention and external safety (you won’t get burned touching it). These products are the perfect professional ovens that will spark your creativity in cuisine.