QUICK 4 Pizze

QUICK 4 Pizze

The oven that was born ready! Quick 4 Pizze does not require masonry and is ready to be lit up the day it is installed.


Fuel: wood, gas or hybrid (gas and wood)
Pizzas per hour: 50/h
Dimensions LxWxH: 119x123x80 cm
Dimensions with base LxWxH: 119x123x170 cm
Weight:  252 kg

Oven weight with base:
334 kg
Cooking floor (gas)

Cooking floor (wood): 100x90cm
Heating time: 50 min to reach 500°C
Wood consumption: 7 kg/h
LPG consumption: 2.89 kg/h
Methane consumption: 3.80 m3/h

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Quick 4 Pizze the professional oven
for immediately ready pizzas

Quick 4 Pizze is the professional pizza oven ready to be lit up the day it is installed.

Valuable materials and cutting-edge technology make it a reliable, practical and versatile cooking tool that lends itself well to both mobile and built-in installations, consistently leaving adequate space for maintenance.

Insulated, with 3 layers of ceramic fibre, Quick 4 Pizze keeps all the heat inside the oven leaving the external surfaces cold, so as to guarantee high energy efficiency and a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Thanks to the cooking chamber made of stainless steel, and protected with two additional side shields, the flame and heat are conveyed to the base so as to consistently offer maximum reliability and excellent performance.

The insulation placed under the base, with 50mm of calcium silicate, a rigid and resistant material that can each up to 1100°C, means that the heat is further retained by the refractory surface for consistently impeccable cooking, even during work peaks.

The large stainless steel sill and generous oven opening were designed to ease and optimize the work of the pizza maker and facilitate the movement of pizzas in the oven without ever losing temperature.

Oven Quick 4 pizze

Discover Quick 4 Pizze

Impeccable performance and low weight make Quick 4 Pizze perfect for fast food restaurants, catering services and bistros that want to include pizzas in their menu.

It reaches 500°C in 50 minutes and can cook perfectly and evenly up to 50 pizzas per hour.

Small details.
Great performance.

Double Flue System for a superior cooking experience

The patented Alfa Double Flue System maximizes heat while minimizing fuel consumption and reduces the temperatures in the pizza maker’s work area by 20%.

Thanks to two special draft hoods, the heat remains longer in the cooking chamber, increasing the well-being and safety of the pizza makers and offering an unbeatable cooking performance while respecting the environment.

The first hood, placed inside the combustion chamber, optimizes the circulation of hot air so as to maintain heat and maximize the heating of the base.

The second, inserted in the frontal arch, allows the hot air to heat the combustion chamber once again before finally leaving the flue to reduce consumption, eliminate excess moisture in the pizza and reduce the perception of heat in the front of the mouth.

Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze

Double Shield for even more efficient heat distribution

The cooking chamber of the Quick 4 Pizze professional oven, both in the gas and wood-burning versions, is protected by two robust 3 mm thick shields.

In addition to increasing the oven’s insulation, these elements allow to better convey the flame and heat on the cooking surface.

The result is an impeccable and uniform cooking of pizzas with maximum energy efficiency.

No power sockets for installations without borders

Thanks to the Quick 4 Pizze analogue transmission, it does not need to be connected to a power outlet, a feature that makes it the ideal cooking tool for food-truck installations and catering.

Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze

Analogue knob and burner drawer: practicality without limits

The analogue knob allows the pizza maker to consistently have full control of the heat, adjusting the intensity of the flame with extreme precision according to the cooking needs of the moment.

The innovative drawer design of the burner greatly facilitates its extraction, both from the front and rear of the oven, giving 360° access to each component, thus making maintenance even easier.

Powder-coated casing for a stunning design

Every detail of the Quick 4 Pizze is designed to increase its performance and reliability and the design is no exception.

The high-quality powder-coated casing makes Quick 4 Pizze aesthetically appealing, but it’s far from being just a decorative shell.

The quality of the materials with which it is made and its special finish make it particularly resistant for incredible freedom of installation both indoors and outdoors.

Oven Quick 4 pizze

Why choose a professional Alfa gas pizza oven

Professional Alfa gas ovens are cooking tools that are quick to reach operating temperature and prove to be a viable solution for all those activities that cannot, or do not want to, use wood.

The innovative burner Made by Alfa, powerful and reliable, guarantees rapid heating of the oven and allows a homogeneous distribution of heat.

The drawer structure makes it easily removable both from the front and rear of the oven, so as to facilitate maintenance.

The advantages of a professional gas-powered pizza oven are numerous:

  • Practicality of use;
  • No costs related to the purchase and storage of wood;
  • Reduction of personnel dedicated exclusively to use of the oven.

The Quick 4 Pizze oven, in its gas-powered version, can be installed without a flue if placed under a suction hood.

Thanks to the Hybrid Kit, developed by Alfa Quick 4 Pizze, it can be easily transformed into a hybrid oven offering pizza makers the opportunity to choose whether to cook with wood or gas according to their needs.

In this case it is necessary to install a flue or to place it in an outdoor kitchen.

Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze
Oven Quick 4 pizze Oven Quick 4 pizze

Alfa bases: style and functionality

Available in both top and wheel base versions, Quick 4 Pizze can be placed indoors and outdoors.

In fact, the casing and the base of the oven are made of stainless steel with double powder coating of the highest quality.

Practical and functional, the Alfa base is designed to be easily disassembled so as to facilitate its transport, even in rooms with small entrances.

Equipped with a double support shelf, the base of the Quick 4 Pizze oven allows you to easily store peels, brushes and all the tools of the trade.

The 4 rotating wheels, with brakes, make it particularly easy and safe to move the oven.