QUICK 2 Pizze

QUICK 2 Pizze

The ultra-compact and lightweight oven ideal for all those activities that require high cooking performance in small spaces.


Fuel supply: wood, gas or hybrid (gas and wood)
Pizzas per hour: 40/h
Oven dimensions LxWxH: 104x99x72,7 cm
Oven dimensions with base LxWxH: 104x99x163 cm
Oven weight:  191 kg

Oven weight with base:
251 kg
Gas hob:
Wood cooking floor: 90x70cm
Minutes to heat up: 40 min to reach 500°C
Wood consumption: 5 kg/h
LPG consumption: 1.35 kg/h
Methane consumption: 1.80 m3/h

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Quick 2 Pizze the most compact
professional pizza oven

Quick 2 Pizze is the smallest professional oven in the Quick Series, capable of la guaranteeing maximum efficiency with minimum space..

Designed for activities that have limited space or that need a light and compact oven, such as food trucks and food to go. Quick 2 Pizze offers excellent cooking performance, despite its small size.

The use of quality materials and 3 layers of ceramic fibres made in Europe guarantee unparalleled insulation of the cooking chamber, allowing Quick 2 Pizze to consistently keep the optimal operating temperature constant with minimal running costs.

Ready for use, Quick 2 Pizze does not require special installation work and can be positioned without problems both indoors and outdoors.

Adaptable to any environment and production needs, Quick 2 Pizze is available with gas, wood or hybrid fuel supply thanks to the special Hybrid Kit that allows to transform the gas oven into a wood-burning oven according to the needs of the moment.

The gas-powered Quick 2 Pizze model can be conveniently installed without a flue, if placed under a suction hood, and has a special battery-powered facilitated ignition system..

This makes it the ideal professional pizza oven for activities that cannot always count on a nearby power outlet.

Oven Quick 2 Pizze

Discover Quick 2 Pizze

Impeccable cooking and small size make the Quick 2 Pizze oven perfect for small shops, gluten-free shops, events and catering activities or for setting up food trucks.

In just 40 minutes it reaches 450°C and can perfectly cook up to 50 pizzas per hour.

Oven Quick 2 Pizze

Consistently perfect cooking,
even on the road

Alfa’s experience, for amazing cooking in small spaces

Alfa’s numerous years of experience combined with state-of-the-art materials and technology create an extremely compact and lightweight pizza oven,capable of guaranteeing fast and uniform cooking even for pizza chefs who have limited space in the kitchen.

Designed taking into account even the smallest of details, Quick 2 Pizze encompasses technological efficiency, cooking quality and minimum management costs.

Small details.
Great performances.

Double Shield for maximum energy efficiency

The cooking chamber of the Quick Series ovens is protected by two sturdy shields with a 3mm thickness to make it even more robust and high-performing.

In addition to increasing the oven’s insulation, these elements allow to better convey the flame and heat onto the cooking surface.

The result is a pizza consistently cooked to perfection with maximum energy efficiency.

Oven Quick 2 Pizze
Oven Quick 2 Pizze

Easy ignition for maximum freedom of installation

Quick 2 Pizze is equipped with a battery-powered facilitated ignition system to meet the needs of all those activities, such as food trucks or catering, that do not always have an available electricity source nearby.

The analogue gas knob allows the pizza maker to consistently have full control of the heat, adjusting the intensity of the flame with extreme precision according to the cooking needs of the moment.

Oven Quick 2 Pizze Oven Quick 2 Pizze
Oven Quick 2 Pizze Oven Quick 2 Pizze
Oven Quick 2 Pizze Oven Quick 2 Pizze
Oven Quick 2 Pizze Oven Quick 2 Pizze
Oven Quick 2 Pizze Oven Quick 2 Pizze

Bases for Alfa pizza ovens: support and functionality

Quick 2 Pizze is available either in a top version or with a dedicated base, specially designed to offer maximum support and functionality.

Easily disassembled to facilitate transport, the Alfa pizza oven base is made with the highest quality double powder coating.

The double support shelf allows to easily store tools and peels when cooking pizzas.

Furthermore, the 4 rotating wheels with brake make it particularly safe to use and extremely easy to handle.