Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe to prepare a perfect pizza dough.

  •  Ingredients for 7 pats
  •  Cooking flame
  •  Oven temperature 380°C
  •  Cooking time: 24 hours


  • 5 cereal flour – 200 grs
  • cake / pastry flour – 800 grs
  • water – 600 cl
  • freeze-dried yeast – 3 grs
  • salt – 20grs
  • extra-virgin olive oil – 20 cl


  1. we combine the flours in a bowl
  2. add the freeze-dried yeast
  3. let the mixture get air
  4. slowly add the water
  5. knead so the mixture absorbs the water
  6. we recommend a water hardness of 19 gF
  7. add the salt and knead
  8. add oil and knead
  9. we finish by rolling out the dough on a pastry board
  10. we put the dough in the box
  11. let it leaven in the refrigerator for 12 hours
  12. by using the pastry cutter we make the dough balls, each about 225 grs
  13. we form the dough balls and forgive in the fridge for another 5/6 hour
  14. we continue rising out of the refrigerator for the remaining 5/6 hours

The total leavening time for this type of dough is of 24 hours. After the first 12 hours in the refrigerator pull out the dough, form the dough balls and then we put them back again in the refrigerator for another 5/6 hours. The remaining hours we will use to finish the leavening out of the refrigerator. We must always take into account the outside temperature for the second part of the leavening. In the summer the dough will spend more hours in the refrigerator, while in the winter the dough balls can also spend more time out of the refrigerator. Therefore the 12 hours of the second part of the leavening varies depending on the outside temperature.