Show pizza ovens – compact traditional pizza ovens for front-cooking

Show cooking is what guests are looking for, chefs show what they can do. It’s a live demonstration of food freshness. Pizza cooked on a countertop is the best presentation that a restaurant can offer. Show pizza ovens are perfect for bistrots, trattorias, bars, pizzerias, cafes and any restaurant serving pizza for its customers. Alfa Pro is the only company producing these compact flame pizza ovens..


190 kg/ 418 lbs


Show Cooking

fiamma a vista


Show | Alfa Forni

Built-in professional ovens for kitchen

Alfa Pro offers the easiest built-in pizza ovens to install in your restaurant. You have just to unpack the commercial wood or gas fired oven, put it in place and built it in. Thanks to the dome in stainless steel no drying time is required, in a couple of hours it is ready to bake excellent pizzas. This professional pizza oven will be integrated with your other appliances to give your kitchen and restaurant a more streamlined look.

Show | Alfa Forni

Countertop commercial pizza ovens

If you are short on pizza oven space the Spartaco oven is the perfect cooking device for you. With our advanced CompactFlame technology you will have the maximum output of a traditional wood fired pizza oven without all the weight and energy consumption. These ovens are perfect for anyone who wants to bake real Neapolitan pizza in just one minute and turn their kitchen into a real show theatre.