Summer 2020: the oven comes back to life in beachside restaurants and terraces.

Are you trying to repurpose your pizzeria for the upcoming summer? Why many restaurants have already chosen an Alfa oven to revamp and boost their business?

Here’s two examples of how this approach works.


MARINE VILLAGE: the round pizza baked in the Opera oven, served straight on the beach just a few steps from the sea.

In the wonderful setting of Ostia Lido, near the Tognazzi Village dunes, stands out the Marine Village, a large beach equipped with two kiosks and a sports club. In this magical place, pizza will steal the scene come summer under the aegis of the Roman pizza chef Luca Pezzetta.

Do you want to know which is the best oven for you?

Stefano and Mattia chose the Quattro commercial model to add pizza to their bistro’s menu without going through the faff of installing a brick pizza oven.

“The ease of use and the rapid ignition were the key factors that made us choose Alfa over other traditional ovens”, says Mattia. “We are lucky enough to have a large outdoor dining space. The Quattro is a small, powerful oven that delivers lots of pizzas, a definite plus in the summertime”.



But why did many restaurant owners choose an Alfa oven for their terraces or other alfresco dining areas? In truth, there are many reasons.

  1. A wood-fired or gas-fired oven that is ready to use as soon as it is delivered to your door.
  2. It needs no installation; just insert the chimney and that’s it!
  3. Great cooking flexibility: a compact, high-performing oven that can go easily from grilling hot sandwiches or piadinas to bashing out amazing pizzas or luscious desserts.
  4. A stainless-steel oven specially designed for restaurants with outdoor space, light and easily manoeuvrable thanks to the high-resistance castors.
  5. It’s the perfect tool to put on a “cooking show” in an open kitchen layout. Preparing and baking pizzas within view of diners helps build trust through transparency, encourages the connection between the pizza chef and the customers and develops a multisensory experience.
  6. For Alfa, a modern design is part and parcel of making an oven that can spruce up your restaurant’s outdoor dining space.
  7. A wide variety of ovens at very competitive prices.

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