A good oven is essential to cook a tasty pizza, of course, yet to achieve results worthy of a pizzeria you also need top quality ingredients, a good pizza maker and the right tools.

In fact, without adequate equipment it is difficult to make your outdoor kitchen practical and functional.

Thus, having useful accessories can greatly simplify the work of amateur pizza makers, particularly those who are starting out and do not have much experience with cooking trays and firewood.

One of the fundamental elements to start experimenting with the various bread and pizza doughs  is undoubtedly the base on which to arrange your oven, which can also be particularly valid as a cooking countertop.

Having a wood-burning oven base studied in detail and equipped with several accessories that are useful for improving the use experience, greatly facilitates the culinary work, immediately making both the work and the management of the oven more efficient.

From the peel rack to the practical hooks for dish cloths, everything must be studied and made specifically to render the use of the pizza oven even more convenient and versatile when used in the garden or on the house terrace.

Yet, what are the best tools for a wood-burning oven and what advantages do they offer?  Let’s find out below. In this article we will see:

  • What to put under a wood-burning oven
  • How to make the base for a wood-burning oven
  • What is the best base for a pizza oven?
  • The best pizza oven tools: conclusions

Let’s get started!

Where to put a wood-burning oven for pizzas? | Alfa Forni

What to put under a wood-burning oven

Modern wood-burning ovens for home use, thanks to their low weight and structure that isn’t too cumbersome, can be easily used both outdoors and indoors according to your needs, thus taking advantage of all available spaces.

If you do not have a masonry top on which to place the gas or wood oven, it may be useful to know that there are special bases with wheels on which you can place your cooking tool and the peel kit.

A well-equipped oven base is undoubtedly the one offered by the Alfa multifunction pizza table.

Made of stainless steel, so as to be robust yet at the same time light, it is designed to set up an easily movable outdoor kitchen where you can prepare and cook your pizzas without effort.

In addition to being a practical countertop for free-standing outdoor home ovens, powered by both wood and gas, the Alfa multifunction table is studied in detail to allow amateur pizza makers to have everything at hand.

For example, the large space between the base and the worktop is perfect for stacking the wood needed to cook the pizzas, or for housing the gas cylinder, if the oven uses this type of fuel supply.

While accessories such as the peel holder, the bottle opener and the hooks for hanging dish cloths or oven gloves can greatly facilitate the work in the kitchen.

Not to mention that Alfa’s multifunction table for pizzas can represent  a mobile worktop when needed if you have an oven with another base, or if you have a traditional outdoor wood-burning oven.

Nothing is left to chance, not even the design and aesthetics, so much so that you can even install a door to cover the wood compartment and select your ideal size.

The latter will depend on the use that you want to make of the wood-burning oven base, choosing whether to use it only as a countertop for the oven with a small space next to it, or if you want to use it entirely as a worktop for spreading and seasoning pizzas.


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Where to put a wood-burning oven for pizzas? | Alfa Forni

How to make the base for a wood-burning oven

A wood-burning oven base must be durable, weatherproof and meet safety standards.

The right height must also be calculated, so as to not put any strain on the posture of those cooking, enabling to work comfortably and to easily be able to move the pizzas from the worktop to the oven.

Equally important is to evaluate the size of the cooking tool and the space requirements related to its installation.

Furthermore, the necessary space must be provided to stack the wood and evaluate the positioning of the instrument based on the wind exposure, which could direct the combustion fumes in the direction of the guests.

Taking into consideration all these features and the costs related to both the materials needed to build the base and the professional who will have to materially build it, it could be useful to evaluate a wood-burning oven base that is ready and easy to assemble.

In fact, in addition to complying with all safety regulations, this type of solution is particularly practical and functional from various points of view: it has all the accessories useful for preparing pizzas and can be easily moved thanks to its wheels.

In this way, you can set up the cooking station in different areas of the garden or terrace according to the needs of the moment, allowing you to set up your outdoor kitchen in a versatile and efficient manner.

Where to put a wood-burning oven for pizzas? | Alfa Forni

What is the best base for a pizza oven?

Choosing the best base for a pizza oven is not always easy.

Those who want to try their hand in the kitchen preparing various dishes and doughs need well-equipped and optimized spaces to easily cope with trays, ingredients and useful tools to manage the oven.

Using a well-designed wood-burning oven base made of quality materials will definitely make a difference.

Before making any purchase, it is therefore important to assess how much space you have available and what your needs are. You should also to take into account some features that the best oven bases on the market must have to be considered as such.

Normally, the best bases for a pizza oven must have:

  • A lightweight and sturdy construction made of stainless steel with no sharp edges
  • An appropriate size to work comfortably and with maximum practicality
  • Ergonomic, practical handles for easy movement
  • Professional swivelling wheels with a brake to be easily moved around
  • Useful accessories to improve the user experience
  • Simple and intuitive assembly
  • A stylish design with attention to detail
  • Long-lasting over time

All Alfa ovens, both in the wood and gas versions, have an adequate sized base that serves both as a work station for preparing the pizzas and as a support base for the oven itself..

Equipped with comfortable side shelves, Alfa oven bases can also be equipped with a practical stainless steel front panel.

The panel, depending on the type of oven fuel used, can be positioned both behind as a wood stopper, and in front to cover the gas cylinder so as to hide it from view and make the support more aesthetically pleasing.

Mobility is another advantage that the best oven bases must have both because they represent an excellent solution when setting up a modular outdoor kitchen and because they allow to move the oven easily where needed.

In order for the oven to be easily moved, the base must have two fundamental elements: a comfortable and handy handle and professional wheels with a brake.

In this way the instrument can be conveniently placed in different areas of your terrace or garden and will remain stable during the preparation and cooking of pizzas and focaccia bread.

The advantages of a cooking station equipped with an oven with a good support are numerous:

  1. Handling ease
  2. Optimisation of spaces
  3. Practicality of use
  4. Easily assembled

A well-designed and built oven base can facilitate the work of the pizza maker and is convenient and useful when preparing the dishes.

Where to put a wood-burning oven for pizzas? | Alfa Forni

The best pizza oven supports: conclusions

In order to cook pizzas with high crusts, just like those in Neapolitan pizzerias, you need experience, a good oven and the most suitable accessories.

One of these accessories is the wood-burning oven base, an element that is as simple as it is essential in order to make the most of the your oven’s potential and facilitate common culinary work, thanks to the different tools it is equipped with.

The supports such as the multifunction table and the bases proposed by Alfa offer maximum versatility when setting up an outdoor kitchen because they are lightweight and easily movable thanks to the convenient wheels.

In this way, you can make the most of the spaces and equip yourself with a cooking workstation in the garden that is well equipped with everything you need to cook pizzas, but also bread, roasts and recipes of different kinds ranging from vegetables to desserts.

Thanks to the convenient shelf that is located under the worktop, you can also stack the wood, or place the gas cylinder according to the type of fuel your oven uses.

In this way, the workspace is always clean and tidy, as well as having the wood at hand.

A further advantage offered by this type of support is certainly that of mobility.

This feature allows you to move everything you need to work with extreme ease in your garden or terrace, thus also representing an excellent solution to setting up your modular outdoor kitchen.