Outdoor spaces can be considered as an actual extension of the house, where you can organize lunches and dinners in company and surrounded by greenery, without necessarily sacrificing comfort.

Outdoor kitchens are the ideal solution for baking pizzas and setting up barbecues and grilling food in a simple and fast way.

Usually, garden events are organized during the summer months, but if you live in an area with a mild climate and you have a sheltered structure such as a gazebo or a pergola, you can take advantage of the outdoor kitchen throughout the entire year.

For an outdoor kitchen to be truly functional, however, it must be complete with all the cooking tools and accessories necessary to make the recipes you intend to prepare for your family and guests.

Made to withstand the elements with resistant and easy to clean materials, outdoor kitchens can be made in different styles and can be portable or fitted.

But how do you go about choosing the right one? Let’s find out below.

  • How to choose the outdoor kitchen for patios and gardens
    –   How much space does an outdoor kitchen occupy?
    –   How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?
    –   How do you go about using an outdoor kitchen?
    –   What are the best cooking tools for an outdoor kitchen?
  • How to maintain and protect outdoor kitchens
  • Alfa ovens for a functional and design oriented outdoor kitchen
How do you choose the best outdoor kitchen? Purchase guide | Alfa Forni

How to choose the outdoor kitchen for patios and gardens

There are many solutions that you can find on the market to set up perfect outdoor kitchens to meet the needs of both comfort and budget.

But before starting to design your own outdoor kitchen, it is worth having clear ideas and taking time to:

  1. Evaluate the available space
  2. Evaluate the available budget
  3. Identify the use that you intend to make of it
  4. Select the most suitable cooking tools

Let’s see in more detail how to proceed.


How much space does an outdoor kitchen occupy?

Outdoor kitchens need to be functional and practical, yet they must also be capable of adapting to the context in which they will be placed.

Fortunately, there are several models on the market that can respond to the various needs of style, space and budget. For example, you can find:

  • Modular outdoor kitchens: they represent a versatile, and usually inexpensive, solution where cooking tools can be portable.

They do not require particular installation constraints and can be combined depending on what you intend to cook and the availability of space.

  • Outdoor kitchens in masonry: in this case the installation of the cooking tools is fixed, but by placing it on the same wall as the internal kitchen you’ll be able to share the gas pipes, the water drains and the power outlets.

This solution requires a greater investment but allows you to increase the value of the property and maximize the value of the outdoor area.

While the masonry models are ideal for those with plenty of space in the garden, the modular solutions can be easily positioned according to the needs of the moment.

The elements that make up the outdoor cooking areas can be made of various materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

In fact, the material can range from steel to concrete – for solutions with a cleaner and more modern appeal – or perhaps use stone and wood for more classic and traditional environments.


How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

It is difficult to provide a clear answer, as there are several factors that affect total expenditure, such as:

  • The type of kitchen (portable or fixed, covered or uncovered)
  • The materials used
  • The cooking tools chosen
  • The manpower required for the work
  • The furniture and accessories

Obviously the larger the kitchen and the more it is complete with everything you need to cook outdoors, the higher the cost.

How do you choose the best outdoor kitchen? Purchase guide | Alfa Forni

How do you go about using an outdoor kitchen?

If the space and budget available are important, it is no less important to understand what use will be made of the outdoor kitchen: what dishes you intend to cook and for how many people.

In fact, if you think of using it occasionally, it could be useless to create a masonry kitchen equipped with all the comforts.

Similarly, if you prefer freedom of movement, a wood-burning oven with wheels may be more convenient than a traditional masonry oven.

Identifying how and when you will use the outdoor space is therefore essential to understand which cooking tools to install in your outdoor kitchen, thus optimizing the choice of the various elements.

Even the installation could benefit from a design made in good time and with certain criteria. In fact, choosing models that have the same type of fuel supply will have fewer installation constraints.

For example, you could think of placing together in the same kitchen a gas-fuelled barbecue dedicated to grilling and an outdoor gas pizza oven.

In addition, it might be useful to consider cooking tools that allow you to prepare several dishes: for example, Alfa ovens have accessories that can offer perfect grills.

In this way, a single tool allows you to make various types of cooked dishes saving both in terms of space and budget.

This is why immediately identifying which recipes you’ll be making more often and what use you intend to make of your outdoor space are two essential elements when designing an outdoor kitchen that is practical, functional and versatile. 


What are the best cooking tools for an outdoor kitchen?

When choosing the cooking tools best suited for your needs, you need to evaluate:

  • The size, which varies according to the number of people for whom you usually cook
  • The available space
  • The practicality of use
  • The type of fuel supply

Ovens, barbecues and grills can be fed with different fuels such as wood, gas or charcoal which, in addition to having different installation needs, offer the possibility of applying different cooking methods.

With regard to ovens, depending on the type of fuel supply needed you can choose between:

  • Woodburning ovens: perfect for roasts, vegetables and traditional dishes. They give dishes unmistakable aromas and create an extremely convivial atmosphere.
  • Gas ovens: practical and easy to use, they can be installed without problems thanks to the possibility of connecting them to the domestic gas network or to a gas cylinder. In the latter case, if combined with a support with wheels, they can be easily moved from one point to another.
  • Hybrid ovens: this extremely versatile solution can work both with wood and gas, deciding from time-to-time which fuel to use based on the dish to be made. In addition, thanks to tools such as the Hybrid Kitgas ovens can be quickly transformed into a woodburning ovens.

In addition to ovens, however, according to your needs outdoor kitchens can also provide:

  • A grill: which can be made with a simple brick structure where you can place a metal grill, below which the fire can be lit. Ideal for cooking small portions of meat, fish or vegetables.
  • A barbecue: formed by a brazier, inside which the fuel is burned, a grill on which the food to be cooked rests and a lid useful to keep the temperature constant enabling you to enjoy perfect grills.

It is indeed true that the choice of various cooking tools must be made according to practical needs regarding the type of recipes you intend to make, the degree of versatility of each model and the constraints related to the installation, however it is also true that looks also count.

The choice of elements capable of furnishing an outdoor kitchen, in fact, can create a pleasant and design oriented environment perfect not only for cooking, but also for organizing cooking events.

Moreover, patios and terraces as well can be furnished with care simply opting for cooking tools that have an aesthetic touch and that give character to the unit without neglecting functionality, exactly like the Allegro outdoor oven.

Featuring a colourful steel front and a large capacity, Allegro is a tool that combines professional performance and modern design, perfect for those who want to enjoy the company of many friends.

How do you choose the best outdoor kitchen? Purchase guide | Alfa Forni

How to maintain and protect outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens require periodic maintenance and the cleaning of the worktops at the end of each meal, so as to avoid attracting insects and residue settling on the components thus creating incrustations.

Therefore, in order to last over time, it is necessary to take care of the various elements correctly, especially if you do not have adequate covering or a patio that protects them from the weather.

Choosing a modular outdoor model where everything can be closed and preserved from the elements is no doubt a good solution.

Even a waterproof cover such as the Alfa oven cover is effective protection against the corrosive action caused by the weather and the passing of time.

Made of a technical material that is waterproof, yet at the same time breathable, it is a valuable aid to better protect both wood and gas ovens.

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How do you choose the best outdoor kitchen? Purchase guide | Alfa Forni


Alfa ovens for a functional and design oriented outdoor kitchen

There are many solutions that can be found on the market to create the outdoor kitchen that best suits your needs and tastes.

We have seen how different opportunities are available for cooking outdoors, from fixed masonry to portable and modular solutions, but cooking tools are undoubtedly what make the difference in a well-equipped and practical kitchen.

Made in Italy with high quality materials, Alfa ovens are capable of integrating perfectly in outdoor spaces, resisting perfectly to various climatic conditions.

The various models allow you to create numerous recipes thanks to the high thermal performance, whether you decide to opt for a woodburning oven – if you love tradition -, or gas – if you prefer comfort – or hybrid, to have the best of both worlds.

Not to mention that you can choose between various models ranging in size, fixed installations or portable solutions, according to your needs.

Alfa ovens, with their extremely refined design, are capable of fitting in perfectly in various contexts, giving character to your outdoor kitchen, without ever neglecting fundamental features such as practicality and functionality.