Post Covid-19 hospitality sector. Here are some solutions for restaurants that do not have a lot of seating capacity inside and want to expand outdoor dining space options.

Following the global pandemic, hospitality industry at large will be greatly affected, and restaurants will reopen their doors to customers on condition that special hygienic and social distancing measures are taken. Let us see now how “restaurants will look like after Covid-19” and what are Alfa’s proposals to minimize its impact and boost turnover.

Restaurateurs will have to work out a new business model: to attract customers and to convince them that they can safely eat a scrumptious Italian pizza in your outdoor space keeping the right distance between people. Fortunately, warm weather is coming so we can spend more time outdoors.



Government measures against Covid-19.

The measures against Covid-19 for restaurants can be summed up as follows:

  • Checking the customers temperature as they enter the restaurant.
  • Placing hand sanitiser at the entrance of the restaurant.
  • All restaurant workers are required to wear face masks and gloves.
  • The restaurant must be properly sanitised after each service (disinfecting tables, chairs, walls, door handles, etc.)
  • The restaurant tables must be placed at least 1,5 metre apart, reducing seating capacity by half.

Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?


Alfa’s suggestions to overcome this crisis.

Alfa Forni is a leading company in the market of compact and ready-to-use commercial ovens offering a wide range of solutions for all sorts of businesses in the hospitality industry such as pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, beach bars or night clubs. The idea is to move the restaurant outside, making the most of a compact, wood-fired or gas fired oven on wheels to bake bona fide Neapolitan pizza, hot sandwiches and plenty of other dishes to lure customers with all the trappings of street food.



The advantages of Alfa’s wood and gas fired ovens compared to competing products:

  • Ready-to-use wood or gas-fired ovens: as soon as the oven is delivered, you can start using it.
  • No installation required: just insert the chimney and there you are!
  • They are as flexible as they come: bare-bones ovens that deliver great results in baking lasagne, pizza, bread, meat, sandwiches, tortillas, pitas or whatever.
  • Energy-efficient ovens: Alfa’s wood and gas-fired ovens consume 40% less energy than competitors’ ones.
  • Light (only 240 kg) and wheeled ovens: Alfa ovens are designed in such a way that they can be moved in and out of the restaurant to meet customers’ needs even in the most particular conditions.
  • Street food cooked just in front of you! Whet your customers’ appetite with Neapolitan pizzas and calzones with tomato sauce and mozzarella filling made on the spot.

A competitive price range starting at 5 000 €.




What we offer

Alfa Forni, a leading company in the oven market for over 40 years, adapts to the needs of post Covid-19 restaurant industry, providing you with the knowledge obtained as a result of decades-long experience in the field.

The passion for cooking and the technological push have always been two driving forces behind Alfa’s innovation effort to keep up with the times. Despite the bad patch, Alfa stays the course and is ready to service and to offer you pre and post sales technical support. Our team of experts will clear up all your doubts and come up with the best solution tailored to the type and place of your business such as:

  • Layout and location (high street, square, indoor garden, etc.)
  • Indoor and outdoor number of covers.
  • Menu modification by adding new items.
  • Square metres of the outdoor dining area.




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