Italian white bread

Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking the italian white bread using the gas oven Gastone .

  •  Ingredients for 2 loaves of bread
  •  Cooking flame
  •  Oven temperature: 200 °C
  •  Cooking time: about 8 hours


  • pastry flour – 1 Kg
  • water – 600
  • freeze-dried yeast – 4 gr
  • salt – 20 gr


  1. pour the flour into a large bowl and let it get some air
  2. add the yeast and mix
  3. gradually add the water and knead
  4. once the mix has absorbed the water add the salt
  5. finish the kneading the dough on a pastry board
  6. put the dough in the box to let it leaven and we wait so as to double the volume, about 4 hours
  7. after the leavening has finished scatter the flour on the pastry board
  8. recovery the dough and use the pasta cutter to make two loaves of dough
  9. put the two loaves obtained in the dough box for the leavening in wood
  10. let the dough rest so it can double its size, about 4 hours
  11. bake at 200°C for 25/30 minuti

The leavening is not a step that can be standardized with precise timing, in fact we must always take into account the outside temperature. In the summer with high temperature it will take less time to leaven the dough, and in the winter it will take more hours. Therefore the timing of leaving is variable depending on the outside temperature

Italian white bread | Alfa ForniItalian white bread | Alfa Forni