Alfa Pizza presents the video recipe for cooking the excellent meat skewers using the Duettino oven

  •  Cooking flame
  •  Oven temperature: 300 °C
  •  Cooking time: 45 minuti


  • pepperoni
  • chicken
  • sausages
  • ham
  • toothpick


  1. cut the peppers into chunks
  2. cut the chicken breasts coarsely
  3. we repeat the steps with the ham
  4. also cut the sausages, we recommend leaving the sausage skin outside so as not to ruin them during the preparation
  5. take the skewer and alternate the layers, we recommend using the sausage as ends on the skewer
  6. we use rosemary, pepper and salt
  7. a bit of extra virgin olive oil and pour some white wine on it
  8. bake at 300 °C for about 30 minutes

Alfa Pizza is also on Vimeo.