Salmon: a great fish to catch and eat

There are many fish in the waters but there is a fish that is highly appreciated in cuisine for its flexibility in the kitchen and it is that of the salmon. Salmon comes from the family of the Salmonidae. Salmon is an indigenous fish of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean but they can be also found in the Great lakes of North America and in the Patagonia in South America. Typically salmon is a migratory fish. They are born in fresh water where they then migrate to the salt water ocean but then return to reproduce in the fresh water. This migratory life cycle repeats with every new generation. Their homing behavior of returning to their birth place is still a mystery to this day and also has become folklore. There are many types of salmon that can be found throughout the world and here is a brief list of the types that you can find:

  • Atlantic Salmon: they can be found in northern rivers on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Masu Salmon: they can be fished in the western Pacific Ocean in Japan, Korea and Russia.
  • Chinook Salmon: in the USA they are known as the king salmon or Blackmouth salmon, and in British Columbia the spring salmon.
  • Chum Salmon: this particular salmon is also known as the dog, keta, or calico in some parts of the USA. This type has the widest geographic range in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Coho Salmon: they can be found in Alaska or in Canada.
  • Pink Salmon: this is also a wide ranging species they can be found in Alaska, in the northern California and Korea, in the grand Mackenzie river in Canada to the remote Lena river in Siberia, Russia.
  • Sockeye Salmon: this particular species is well known in the US as Red salmon. This lake-rearing species is found in the Klamath in California and on the Hokkaido Island in Japan. In the frigid Canadian Artic and Anadyr river in Russia.
  • Danube Salmon: this particular species is the largest permanent fresh water salmon.


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