WARNING: one of the main causes of fire is the non-compliance with minimum safe distances from combustible materials. It is imperative that you install the appliance according with the instructions contained in the user’s manual and the country’s current regulations.


We can discern two ways to install an outdoor oven:

1) In-the-open installation of wood or gas-fired oven

If you install your oven in the garden, terrace or any kind of off-grid structure without walls that could limit the airflow, it is advisable to use the Alfa stainless steel flue and chimney cap.



2) Installation of wood or gas-fired oven under a porch or an elevated structure

In this case, you’d better use a twin wall flue insulated with ceramic fibre. The pipe must go through the structure and rest at least 1 m above it (40 in) (please check local regulations in this regard).

This top structure must be made of insulating or fireproof materials at a minimum safe distance of 60 cm (24 in). If you must build a bend in your flue to change its direction, allow for no more of 2 changes and 4 bends. To slope the flue, build offsets of up to 30 degrees with straight parts of at least 80 cm (32 in) (flues must run vertically to the ground for at least 90% of their length, so place the oven under the elevated structure).

Please, don’t hesitate to contact a technician for this type of installation. If the elevated structure is higher than 3 metres (9,8 ft), use a valve to regulate the draught.


General instructions for the installation of Alfa ovens under a porch or other elevated structure.

  • Use a valve to regulate the draught
  • The flue must be at least 1 metre (40 in) higher than the structure.
  • Don’t use non-insulating or non-fireproof materials: product specs contain their maximum operating temperatures. Silicon, ceramic fibre, steel have high heat resistance; we recommend using materials with heat resistance up to 500°C (932°F) to guarantee your safety.


Building bends

  • A flue is more efficient when it rises straight up from the oven.
  • Alfa Forni doesn’t provide offsets
  • Offsets shouldn’t have an angle greater than 30 degrees.
  • Don’t build more than 2 bends and make sure that the straight length of the pipe is at least 80 cm (32 in) long.