The good weather has arrived and so it is time to take out that wood fired oven and start that fire. Not many know that a barbecue is also good for the mind. First of all being out in the open and soaking up the sun is good for your health. The sun can cure a mild depression and helps other body functions. You can read it here by clicking on this link.

Also a barbecue brings more social life especially through music and food. As you might say it is food for the soul. There is an interesting article on Psychology Today:

So why not start by planning a barbecue for the weekend, but if you have a wood fired oven it would be much better. You can invite guests for something different such as pizza. Pizza is an Italian dish that is loved by all and can be prepared in many ways. Who will refuse a hot homemade tasty pizza with delicious toppings that has come out of a wood fired oven, your guests will appreciate it and also it will make you feel better thinking that you have done a great job by seeing their faces happy. Remember the quote that “A smile is worth a thousand words” and we can say that this the truth.

So call your friends and relatives, prepare the food and that six-pack of beer but above all light up the wood fired oven because the party is about to begin.