Butterfly valve

Alfa butterfly valve

The Alfa butterfly valve insert is used to speed up the heating of the oven and to keep the temperature constant inside the combustion chamber. Thanks to this simple yet practical accessory it is possible to manually regulate the air flow inside the cooking chamber. In this way it is easier to manage the temperature, reduce consumption and increase the energy efficiency of your wood-fired or gas pizza oven. Designed to last over time, the Alfa butterfly valve is made of AISI 304 steel to ensure excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. Essential qualities to allow installation on latest generation pizza ovens.

  • Easy to install;
  • Made of AISI 304 steel;
  • Made in Italy;
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations;
  • Compatible with all Alfa professional pizza ovens.
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Find out how the Alfa butterfly valve works

The Alfa butterfly is extremely simple to install and use. To assemble it, simply insert it over the hole on the dome of your pizza oven.

Once the flue pipe has also been positioned above the insert with the butterfly valve, the wood or gas oven is immediately ready to be turned on.

Simply turn the knob on the insert to move the valve to a vertical or horizontal position.

If completely closed, the butterfly valve blocks the insert, partially obstructing the passage of air. In this way the pizza chef can decide if and when to speed up the heating of the oven.

Once the operating temperature has been reached, by closing the butterfly valve the heat is kept inside the oven. A feature that proves particularly useful to keep the heat constant inside the cooking chamber.

Furthermore, the Alfa valve knob is equipped with a practical indicator. This is used to see if the valve is open or closed at a quick glance.

Choose the size best suited to your Alfa oven

The butterfly valve insert is available in different sizes and is compatible with all the Alfa Quick and Napoli series pizza ovens.

Alfa butterfly valve | Alfa Forni

150 mm

Alfa butterfly valve | Alfa Forni

180 mm

Alfa butterfly valve | Alfa Forni

200 mm

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Alfa butterfly valve | Alfa Forni