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What kind of wood is the best to use in your oven?


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The wood is a fuel sometimes underestimated. It has a significantly high caloric power, superior to other sources of heat used for cooking, domestic and professional. Lighting a gas oven does not require more than a lot of attention; wood requires a greater care which starts from its being chosen.

Of the types of wood for combustion there are many and you should select the best based on the yield and efficiency. Many woods, in fact, tend to burn, generating little heat and should be avoided. Normally the wood used for cooking is oak or beech.

The ideal would be to combine them together to merge the advantages of both the essences. The beech belongs to the category of hard wood or the wood that has a weight (when dried) of about 700 kilograms per cubic meter. The aroma is very intense and mix it with that of oak will give the food a special flavor.

Beech and oak are great if used in the right way that is using oak to reach the oven temperature and beech for cooking.

The olive tree wood gives an amazing flavor to dishes but its high cost often discourages its use.

In addition to the types recommended for baking, it is worth spending a few words to speak of those types to be excluded. Among those include the cherry tree, which when it burns tends to send out fire sparks, and the entire family of evergreens such as pine, when burning produces soot.

Finally, considering the value for money, the ideal wood is hornbeam; It belongs to the category of the Betulaceae, a subfamily of Coryloideae, widespread in Western Europe.