The Italian sausage, in Italian “salsiccia“, is a well-known Italian dish that many appreciate. When we refer to the Italian sausage we are talking about the pork sausage. It is seasoned in a variety of ways with fennel and/or anise called the “sweet sausage”, in Italian “dolce”. There is also the spicy version, “piccante” in Italian, for those that like it hot. The sausage then can either be spicy hot or mild. The hot type contains flakes of hot red pepper and it has a rather strong taste.

Another type of sausage is the Mortadella. Mortadella is well known for being used in the Italian Hero sandwiches. This cold cut is made of finely chopped pork and beef meat with some white fat added which is finely spiced then with garlic, nutmeg or coriander. It is made then into a large diameter casing. When you go to the deli instead of ordering some thin sliced mortadella ask for slices that are a thicker. When it is time to use the wood-fired oven take out the roasting grill pan (available into the KIT Rosticcere of Alfa Pizza) and put the thick slices of mortadella on it. Leave it in the oven for a minute or two, and when it comes out you will smell the aroma of the freshly cooked mortadella and the wood that gave it a particular flavor. Create your own sausage sandwich and maybe put some grilled eggplants, onions or a tomato in it. You now have a different version of the Italian sandwich.

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