Pizza is known to have come from Italy, but with Italian immigration the world was able to see and taste one of the main dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. With pizza finally arriving in Japan, the Japanese adopted and created their own versions. Japan has a culinary history of using seafood in its dishes and this is seen with the toppings of the pizza. As they used their creativeness in the fields of autos and electronics, they used it also for Italy’s famous dish.

One of their cooking techniques is Teriyaki, which is to broil or grill foods with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin or sugar. This cooking technique is with red or white meat. So, from Teriyaki, we have the Teriyaki chicken pizza.

If you like, spicy foods why not try the Spicy deluxe. This pizza is, topped, with onions, pepperoni, a tasty spicy Italian sausage and jalapenos that will put your mouth on fire. If you do not prefer something hot, why not taste something that is a bit sweet to the mouth. An excellent pizza would be the Cheese-honey pizza. This pizza is topped with cheese, and as it is baking in the oven, honey is poured on it to give that bit of sweet flavor. If you are instead a meat lover and really want to bite on something tasty, why not try the Sausage and thick sliced Bacon pizza. Being in Japan, we also have seafood toppings such as the Scallop butter soy sauce pizza, the Anchovy Potato pizza and the Crab seafood special.

If you are interested in these toppings click on this link to see these and other pizza toppings. To prepare one these special Japanese pizzas why not bake them in a wood-fired ovenAlfa Pizza produces many types of ovens that can satisfy one’s needs. Choose the right oven for you.