It is early but July is just around the corner. The day is the 4th of July a date that is famous for a country called the United States of America. This national holiday, “Independence Day” celebrates the signing of the “Declaration of Independence” which declared the separation of the first 13 colonies from the motherland Great Britain and their will for freedom. This day is known for its fireworks, parade and the love for outdoor barbecues.

If you are thinking of buying a new barbecue grill for the home to celebrate this day, why not think of a wood fired oven. A wood fired oven is able to prepare a variety of dishes such as roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish, vegetables), and dishes cooked in earthenware vessels, cakes. Yes, why not a home made pizza, something a bit different to make that 4th of July something special and memorable. An interesting oven for the home is the Ciao wood fired oven . It has wheels and can be transported easily outside and is rugged and will last for years. It only takes 15 minutes to heat up and is able to make 2 pizzas at a time.

If you happen to be touring near New York city or live there Alfa Pizza would like to recommend the month long events that will celebrate this holiday and also the nice July summer weather. Here is the calendar to the events of the Big Apple

Now Alfa Pizza would like to say “Happy Birthday America” on your 239th birthday.