Australia is a vast country with many natural resources. This continent opened up many opportunities for many immigrants that wanted to live a new prosperous life. The new settlers brought with them their cultures and their cuisine. The Italians first important presence was that of the missionaries that settled in the 1840s. It was only in the 1850s that we would start to see the first Italian settlements. With them they brought their country’s cuisine. The Mediterranean diet was now starting to become part of the Australian diet. The Italian kitchen, is known for fantastic dishes such as pizzacookies and cakes. But, one of the most famous symbols of Italian cooking is pasta.

Pasta is an important dish in the Italian Mediterranean cuisine. It is an affordable healthy plate and eaten worldwide. Many nutritionists and doctors recommend it for well-balanced diets. It is also one great way to mix with, other foods that, are sometimes not appreciated by children and some adults such as vegetables and legumes. Mixing it with pasta and a good sauce will make the meal tastier. The principal ingredients are simple cereals or grains milled into flour and water (sometimes eggs are preferred instead of water). Pasta can be divided into two categories, the dried pasta known as “pasta secca” and fresh pasta known as “pasta fresca”. The most sold pasta is the dry pasta but you can also find fresh pasta at the store. Pasta comes in many shapes, they can be long, short, flat and in tubes. They have also have more than 1,300 names. In one Italian region it can be called with one name, in another region it can be called with another name. Each type of pasta has also its own origin and history.

So why not try to make a traditional Italian Christmas recipe. The famous pasta dish called “Lasagna” is one dish that is baked during the holidays. Look at the video recipe to cook the Sausage and mushroom lasagna. A tasty meal that the whole family will never forget.

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