Gianni B.

I live in a condominium and have a large terrace that I would like to decorate with one of your ovens of the Forninox Outdoor line. The first objection that my wife Giovanna made was about the fumes that may annoy the other residents and the neighborhood. Do your ovens create smoke?

Alfa PizzaThat’s a question that our customers often ask before buying one of our products and we feel obliged to try to answer them.

The answer is: it depends on a few factors. First of all we must make an initial distinction between the types of ovens. The ovens produced by Alfa Pizza can be between wood fired and gas ovens, gas (Methane or LPG).

In gas ovens there is smoke but it is invisible and odorless. Emissions of these ovens are comparable to those produced by a common wall boiler. Therefore, in situations of close neighbors (which typically happens in large cities), the use of one of our gas ovens is a good solution. We always recommend to refer to the regulations in your country, the house laws regarding the issue of gas and by using methods designed by placing the product in an area that does not allow the fumes to enter the homes (by paying attention to the wind).

As regarding to the wood burning ovens, in normal combustion the smoke production is limited. Normal conditions of combustion are those in which the wood is well aged, of good quality (like that in our Kit Legnapronta ) and free of dirt (ie soil), the fuel is placed sufficiently towards the bottom part of the oven, the air supply (combustion) inside the combustion chamber is adequate and the flame is alive. The presence of moisture in the fuel typically causes the appearance of white intense smoke; the white is due to the steam generated by the water content of the wood that evaporates due to the heat. An insufficient supply of air instead does not allow optimum combustion and generates smoke of a darker color; in this case the dark color is given by unburned fuel particles.