Chestnuts and recipes

It is autumn and it is time to enjoy that special season treat, the chestnut. This edible nut, can be found, in different places around the world. Chestnuts belong to the family of Fagaceae trees. There are three species of chestnuts. The American, the Asiatic and the European chestnut.

The American chestnut, can be found, in the Eastern and Southern parts of the US. In the east it is called the “dwarf chestnut”. In the Orient we have two varieties the Chinese and the Japanese. The European species is the sweet chestnut also known as the “Spanish chestnut”.

The word chestnut comes from the early English term “chesten nut”, but further studies then revealed that it descends from the French word “chastain”.

Chestnuts and recipes | Alfa Forni

The chestnut is an excellent seasonal nut to eat. They have little protein or fat and their calories comes mainly from the carbohydrates. Fresh chestnuts contain about 180 calories, which is lower, compared to other nuts such as walnuts or almonds. They also contain no gluten. In addition, they also have various sugars for example sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Chestnuts in the kitchen can be, eaten rawboiledroasted or milled into flour. The flour especially is used to make pancakes, cookies and cakes. In stews and soups it is used a thickener.

In Italy, a famous chestnut recipe is the “Castagnaccio“. It is basically, a plain chestnut flour cake and it, can be found in the Tuscany, Liguria and Piedmont regions. This autumn dessert is made with other important ingredients of the Italian cuisine such as olive oil, pine nuts and raisins. There are various variations of this recipe and some add even orange, rosemary and fennel seeds. A great wine that goes with this traditional cake is the “vin santo” wine. This wine is a typical Italian dessert wine. The grapes that are used to make this wine are the Trebbiano and the Malvasia varieties. Also the roasted chestnuts are widely appreciated.

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Chestnuts and recipes | Alfa Forni
Chestnuts and recipes | Alfa ForniChestnuts and recipes | Alfa Forni