Potatoes Italian style…. Gattò di Patate

When one thinks of potatoes, one quickly thinks of French fries. Potatoes are important to the Mediterranean cuisine. This potato dish in Italian is called Gateau di Patate or also called Gattò di patate. Some also call it Pizza potato. The word Gateau comes from French, which refers to a typical sweet pie. The word was then Italianized and became Gatto, so now what we know now as Gattò di patate. The typical dish comes from the Campania or Sicilian cuisine. The Campania cuisine is rich and in the past has given us the Pizza Margherita. The history of the Gattò di patate begins only after 1768 after the wedding of Queen Maria Carolina. Naples was becoming a central point where famous European cuisines met and were discussed. The new Queen wanted to introduce the French taste and the use of high ranking cooks in the kitchen that were called “monsieurs”. In time French appellations came into the Italian cuisine.

Gatto di patate is an excellent dish and can fully satisfy one’s appetite and the children after tasting it will cry for more. Now is the perfect time to bake a Gatto di patate and why not do it in a wood-fired oven. A 4 Pizze oven would be great or why not with a Ciao . The ovens will guarantee you hours of fun and delicious dishes that will make cooking a memorable moment.

Potatoes Italian style…. Gattò di Patate | Alfa Fornilasagne-alla-boscaiola