When you have a porch, a grill, and a fierce love for pizzas, why stick to the traditional barbecues, summer picnics, or pool parties? Invite your guests over this season by serving the ultimate (and delicious!) crowd-pleaser: pizza!

Hosting a pizza party – whether for friends or family (or both) – hits the sweet-spot combination of convenience and fun. After all, who doesn’t love a pizza? Plus, it’s way easier to serve as opposed to a complicated kebab recipe.

Read on as we discuss a few handy tips to help you throw the best backyard pizza party.



Planning the Menu Beforehand

Think about the different toppings you can put on pizza, so there’s something to please everyone on your guest list. You have to consider your guest’s tastes when planning the menu in this case. The good news is since pizza is a very versatile meal, you can be as creative as you want.

You can plan the meal to accommodate a wide variety of dietary and flavor preferences. For instance, if you’re having a family affair where kids will be present, you can include a few kid-friendly options like the classic margarita, pepperoni pizza, and so on. For the adults, you can opt for more sophisticated gourmet options, such as the Charcuterie pizza or a grilled vegetable pizza.

Additionally, your pizza doesn’t have to be limited to the main course. You can experiment with the toppings to make it a dessert option too!



Always Prepping Ahead of Time

Try to do most of the prep in advance before the arrival of your guests.

You can cut your toppings prior to the party and store them in separate containers, prepare the dough the night before, and take out the necessary tools and keep them ready. The KIT Pizzaiolo, for example, comprises all the necessary equipment to make pizza at home easy and effortless.

We would also recommend investing in Alfa’s Multi-functional Base that gives you the perfect space for everything: preparation, cooking, and serving.


8 Tips for Hosting A Backyard Pizza Party | Alfa Forni

Using in the Right Oven – in the Right Way

Getting the right oven can make all the difference to ensure your backyard pizza party is a success. When it comes to cooking authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, heat intensity becomes a crucial factor – something that a wood-fired oven can offer, among other benefits.

Generally, professionals use ovens heated to 800 degrees since high cooking heat delivers the perfect pillowy and crispy crust with maximum flavor from the toppings.

Moreover, your choices aren’t limited too! There are several high-quality residential wood- and gas-fired ovens that can not only enhance the taste but also improve your cooking experience.

If you don’t have an outdoor pizza oven, you can also cook pizza on a grill. But keep in mind that the latter is a little different than making pizza in an oven.



Setting the Mood

Playing music is another important element of a good party. After all, what’s a party without good music?

Create a party playlist that includes classics, all-time favorites of your guests, as well as family-friendly songs. Stick to the upbeat and newer tunes that will uplift the spirits of the guests. Another tip would be to ensure your playlist is nearly five hours long, so you don’t have to keep changing songs – plus, most parties don’t last longer than that.

You can also decorate your outdoor kitchen or space to give a more cozy and homey vibe for winning brownie points with your guests.


8 Tips for Hosting A Backyard Pizza Party | Alfa Forni

Mingle with the Guests and Keep Them Entertained

Decorate your yard in a way that allows guests to mingle easily without pressuring them to stick to the dining table. For instance, you can do group seating in different areas that are placed strategically to get people to move. Remember, density is key here!

For the kids, you can set up fun backyard games like cornhole or a giant Jenga set. Try to include games that adults can play even while holding a drink.



Making Proper Seating Arrangements

Seating is an obvious consideration for any party. But it’s still necessary for you to take inventory of the seating you have available and rent a few additional chairs if needed. Try to keep more seats than the number of guests, so nobody has to go hunting to find seats.


8 Tips for Hosting A Backyard Pizza Party | Alfa Forni

Make Arrangements for Keeping Insects Away

Having an insect-free party is important to keep your guests comfortable. You can use candles, sprays, or fans that can help keep mosquitoes at bay. A fan, for example, will keep the atmosphere breezy, allowing the guests to enjoy their pizza without being bothered by pests.



Don’t Forget Snacks

A pizza party doesn’t have to stick to pizzas strictly. In fact, we would actually recommend having starters or snacks before you bring on the main course.

You can use cheese and cured meats, along with stir-fried or grilled seasonal vegetables for your vegan or vegetarian friends. Salads are another fantastic option to consider.


About the author: Bella Carter Short is an experienced writer, editor, proofreader, blogger, teacher and photographer based in NY.
She likes to cook, sew, and she’s very passionate about healthy food that tastes delicious. She’s a big fan of a keto diet and she sees it as a life-long style of eating.