Alfa pro kitchen ovens – the compact wood fired oven for your kitchen

The unique commercial wood fired oven that fits in your kitchen.
The power and flavour in a compact machine available in wood and gas fired version.

Made with stainelss steel, these devices contain a floor in refractory 8 cm thick that guarantees impeccable cooking. The steel dome allows you to reach temperatures in a snap, and ensure a maximum output up tp 150 pizzas per hour. Gas professional oven can be installed without a chimney connection, they can be placed under the hood according to the european law. Absolutely excellent for cooking pizza but also exceptional for grilling, stewing, roasting, baking a large quantity of meals giving your dishes a unique taste. This cooking system is your versatile ally in the kitchen of your restaurant, hotel, pub, bistrot or in the food service industry.


150 pizzas/hour


30 min 450°C

Space saving

90 cm depth

Kitchen | Alfa Forni

Freestanding professional ovens for kitchen

The first ready to use commercial wood and gas fired oven in 80 cm depth. Perfect for kitchens, the compact commercial oven by Alfa Pro is our best solution. These 4 pizza capacity ovens can be installed and cooking in few minutes without a need of any building work. The Alfa Pro professional wood and gas fired ovens are excellent not only for pizza but also to bake every kind of meal. These are the only pizza ovens for restaurants. They are simple to move and the gas version can be installed without chimney flue, it is sufficient put it under a cooker hood.

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Kitchen | Alfa Forni

Table top professional ovens for kitchen

The power of a professional wood fired pizza oven in a compact and rugged machine. 90 cm depth is the perfect size for any restaurant kitchen. These stainless steel commercial pizza ovens are exceptional for your kitchen, and offers your customers something different. May be installed free standing under the hood. Thanks to their lightweight they can be placed on a existing base. The stainless steel dome allows fast baking times and the wood gives your meals a tasty flavour.