Hotter, Faster, Different

Alfa Ovens is bringing a new way of cooking to North America and everyone is wondering what Hotter, Faster, Different is all about.


Alfa Ovens get hot fast and stay hot longer. Temperatures can reach up to 1,000 degrees for better steaks and crisper pizza crust. They’re equipped with 441 thermal resistant stainless steel in each combustion chamber. While most brands use commercial brick, the foundation of each Alfa floor is priority brick, made in-house in Roma Italy. There is also a double layer of high- quality ceramic fiber that completely surrounds the oven.

This combination coupled with the convection curve help maintain temperatures and keep heat in. With open flame, it’s as easy as adding another piece of wood or stoking the fire to achieve the perfect high-heat cook. Alfa is resistant up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit so even though it’s hotter, the walls do not overheat.



Faster heating. Faster cooking. Faster cleaning.

The Alfa can reach temps of 400 degrees in 10 minutes or less which means more time to spend with family and friends. Pizzas cook in under 2 minutes and other dishes 20% faster than other outdoor cooking options. The durable brick floor is easy to clean. Sterilize an empty oven by simply maintaining a temperature of 1,000 degrees for 5 minutes. Use 304 scotch brite stainless steel for easy cleaning and hygiene.



Alfa’s horizontal design, advanced heat-flow technology, superior quality stainless steel, priority refractory brick, and elegant look are just a few of the reasons that Alfa is different. The real difference lies in the unparalled cooking and entertainment experience. Family enjoying food around an open flame. Friends gathered for an evening of flame kissed steak or pizza making. The smell of wood-fired fun filling the neighborhood. The Alfa lifestyle is like no other. Quality products and superior design make Alfa stand out from the crowd and you’ll notice the difference with every bite.

Hotter, Faster, Different | Alfa Forni

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Hotter, Faster, Different | Alfa Forni

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Hotter, Faster, Different | Alfa ForniHotter, Faster, Different | Alfa Forni