Cooking with open flame dates back as early as mankind and we’re always drawn back to it. With the growing popularity of Alfa Ovens in North America, we get many questions about the best way to incorporate our wood oven into an outdoor kitchen.

Here are a few tips to get you on the way to the outdoor cooking experience of your dreams. We hope you make many memories sharing meals around the Alfa.

  • Each Alfa Oven is designed with entertaining in mind. The elegance and efficiency come from a history of family and friends gathered together. That’s why your Alfa should be the cornerstone of your design – literally. Corner placement is optimal because it creates an amazing focal point and great ambience from the open flame.
  • The placement should also take into consideration ventilation and vegetation. There needs to be room for the flue’s height as well as the escaping smoke. The area above should be well pruned and clear of branches and other vegetation. Never place your oven directly against your house or other wall.
  • Consider how much room you will need for prep. When cooking pizza, you’ll need space for rolling dough and shaping. For limited space, add a prep area that doubles as a bar for dining.
  • Don’t forget a designated area for storage. The brass-bristled brush, ember mover and peel have long handles. Many people are installing hooks near their Alfa.
  • Another option for added design is installing a split covered roof to protect your less-durable grills while still allowing ventilation for your wood-fired oven. Alfa’s design and building blocks can withstand cold temps and rain while still maintaining temperature integrity.
  • Have fun with it! There’s nothing like sharing the experience of cooking on Alfa with family and friends. And the food is incredible.

How to incorporate an Alfa into your outdoor kitchen | Alfa Ovens