In the age-old battle of man (and woman) vs fire, who wins? You win!

By tradition, the wood oven has always been the best design for cooking pizza and bread. The high temperatures and refractory floor make it perfect for not only cooking pizza but other dishes, as well. Try grilling meat, fish, and vegetables and taste the uniqueness and aroma that the wood brings.

Here are a few tips to help you master the art of cooking on the Alfa Oven. It all begins with the fire.

Step One: The Pyramid

In the center of the oven, on the Alfa wood rack, build a pyramid of smaller wood over a base of kindling or firestarter. You can also add paper to the base, if you chose. Make sure that the wood is placed in such a way to allow proper air flow. Light the base using a long-handled lighter. As the fire grows, add larger pieces of wood to reach the desired intensity. There is a double layer of high quality fiber surrounding your oven so you can’t get it too hot; the walls are resistant up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step Two: The Move

Once the fire has reached desired intensity, slide it to the left of the oven using the ember mover. This creates space for your cook and allows for optimal convection flow. The flames will curve toward and around the top of the oven as it distributes heat and readies the oven for cooking. Make sure that the word Alfa on the wood rack is facing the opposite side of the oven. Then use the brass bristled brush to move any ash or coal pieces to the left, out of your cooking area. We recommend using Alfa’s laser thermometer to monitor the oven temp so that you know when the bricks are perfect for your desired dish. All that’s left is to cook, eat and enjoy!