Temperature Control on Alfa

You’ve probably heard about the versatility of the Alfa oven and how backyard cooks in North America are creating not only delicious pizzas, but steaks, roasts, burgers, cedar plank salmon and more. With the variation in dishes, comes a variation in temperatures needed; so how do you control the temperature on Alfa?

When it comes to temperature control on your Alfa, consider the oven door your secret weapon. The door is designed to be lightweight with an easy-grip handle for this purpose. With open flame cooking like pizzas, no door is needed. Simply start and tend the fire until the oven reaches desired temperature.

For dishes that are often cooked in a traditional oven, like lasagna and casseroles, you’ll need to position the door on the oven to “almost closed” once the oven reaches the desired temperature and your dish is in place. The positioning will require a little trial and error at first. Leave some gap to allow air flow but too much air will keep the flames high and the temps rising. Make slight adjustments in positioning of the door until you have control. The more air flow that is allowed, the higher the temps.

Once the door is positioned and temperatures steady, consult your temperature gauge often to make sure it remains steady during the cook. If you normally cook a casserole in the oven on 350, you can do the same in your Alfa. The difference in flavor is indescribable.

The Alfa Oven is designed to be energy efficient and retains heat nicely. The refractory brick, quality stainless steel and convection design all work in your favor when trying to control temps. The main thing to remember is that when cooking with open flame, practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble getting the correct position with the door. Just keep trying and eventually it will be second nature.

Temperature Control on Alfa | Alfa ForniTemperature Control on Alfa | Alfa Forni