The Importance of Refractory Brick

Wood ovens are ideal for retaining heat to cook an amazing meal, but how do the ovens stand such high temperatures and why is it important?

The secret to Alfa’s wood ovens comes in the form of refractory bricks. These bricks are made from a special type of ceramic which can withstand high temperatures without damage. A typical brick could start to break apart at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (~ 649 degrees Celsius), but a refractory brick will handle heat up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (~982 degrees Celsius). This removes any of the stress that may come from heating up the wood oven, and you’ll be able to safely turn the temperature up knowing that the bricks can handle the heat.

Refractory bricks are also energy efficient. This is because refractory bricks have low thermal conductivity, meaning that they start absorbing the heat quickly, so there’s no waste when preparing your meal. The bricks coupled with convection design, quality stainless steel, and outstanding ventilation allow the Alfa to retain heat for your perfect cook.

Not only are refractory bricks tough against the heat, but they can also handle the wear-and-tear of cooking. You don’t have to worry about delicately touching your tools to the surface of an oven with refractory bricks. They are sturdy and resistance to abrasion – not only durable but long lasting.

Alfa takes no shortcuts when designing refractory bricks. Alfa’s refractory bricks are made in Italy and crafted into ovens by Italian artisans. The proprietary design is like no other.

Refractory bricks often line the walls of industrial furnaces and incinerators, so you know they can take the heat and you can focus on cooking the perfect pizza or meal.
Enjoy your meal and know that your Alfa is designed to perform for years of enjoyment!

The Importance of Refractory Brick | Alfa Forni

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The Importance of Refractory Brick | Alfa Forni

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The Importance of Refractory Brick | Alfa ForniThe Importance of Refractory Brick | Alfa Forni