Wood-fired ovens certainly make for a great pizza night, but there’s so much more you cook and create with your Alfa Oven. Homemade breads, fish, veggies, steaks, casseroles – the possibilities are so endless, you may never cook indoors again.

Here are a few tips to obtain the optimal results when cooking at high temperatures:

Steaks and pork chops

Nearly everyone loves a great piece of meat hot off the grill, and the wood-fired grill creates a smoky flavor unlike any other. You’ll want to season your steaks or chops conservatively, but a nice salt coating will slow down the charring and burning process and result in a good sear. Heat your oven to 750 degrees F. Also preheat your skillet for 10-15 minutes, then place your meat in the oven. Meat cooked on an open fire will look different. It can be crusted and dark on the outside but still rare on the inside so pay attention to the temperatures in different areas of your oven. Sear your meat in the hottest area of the oven, then move it over to a more moderately hot area to cook through or with steak, to desired doneness.



Homemade breads can be a scary undertaking for even the best chefs, but once you get the hang of your Alfa oven, you’ll have no problem. You’ll need about 7 pounds of dough to bake four loaves of bread in your oven. Your fire should burn long enough to create a good base of coals, and your oven should be at a starting temperature of 500 to 550 degrees. Monitor it to make sure it doesn’t overheat. If it begins to rage, slow it down by closing the oven door all but about 2 inches. The key to great bread and baking is to have the floor of the oven evenly heated so move your fire side to side so the floor heats evenly. When the ceiling of the oven is half white and floor of the oven near the doorway is too hot to touch, you’re ready to bake. You’ll need to turn loaves throughout, and total cooking time varies according to specific recipes.

These are just a few tasty dishes to try in your Alfa Oven. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Experimentation is the key to getting the most out of your wood-fired cooking experience. Please share your creations and tips on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The Alfa family loves new ideas!