What makes a pizzeria unique and immediately recognizable in the eyes of customers, differentiating it from the competition?

Certainly the quality of the ingredients and the rich flavour a pizza offers, but the furniture is the first aspect that strikes the customer, even before the menu.

It is, therefore, essential to create an environment that is aesthetically alluring, enjoyable to visit and capable of making your customers feel comfortable.

This is why the materials, the furniture and the oven with which to furnish the pizzeria must be chosen with care.

Above all, the oven, which in addition to being the focal point of the environment, must be capable of providing pizza makers with a series of useful features to simplify their work, even during the busiest evenings.

Let’s see what elements are a must when it comes to pizzeria furniture and how Alfa Ovens can simplify both the work and the stylistic choices.

This article will help us discover:

  • What shouldn’t be missing in a pizzeria?
  1. The restaurant’s style and atmosphere
  2. The right equipment
  3. The oven for a professional pizzeria
  • Design and efficiency: the advantages of professional Alfa Forni ovens
  • Optimisation of spaces
  • High performance and low power consumption
  • Easy installation and handling
  • An appealing design
  • Unique and stylish pizzeria furniture
Pizzeria furniture: 3 items that must not be ignored

What shouldn’t be missing in a pizzeria?

In addition to a well-studied menu and the purely functional aspect, aesthetics plays a very important role in the sales strategy of a business.

Pizzeria furniture is, therefore, an element that cannot be left to chance because:

  • It helps to strengthen the identity of your restaurant
  • It distinguishes you from the competition
  • It makes you instantly recognizable by customers

In an increasingly competitive market such as that of catering, proposing a quality product, differentiating yourself through what you have to offer and being able to amaze at first sight both with regard to the furniture and the menu, form a considerable advantage.

In particular, there are 3 elements that should never be overlooked:

  1. Style and atmosphere of the restaurant
  2. The right equipment
  3. An oven for a professional pizzeria

Let’s find out why!


1. Style and atmosphere of the restaurant

After a hard day’s work, relaxing in front of a fragrant pizza represents a moment of conviviality and absolute pleasure.

A warm and welcoming environment, with a well-defined style, can only contribute to creating a hospitable setting where one returns to with pleasure.

Once you have chosen the style that best reflects the identity of your pizzeria, choosing the most suitable materials and furnishing accessories becomes a breeze.

For example, modern pizzeria furniture will prefer colours with strong tones and sharper lines; while in a more traditional or vintage style pizzeria the details will make the difference thanks to soft lines and decorative elements that are inspired by the past.


2. The right equipment

If it is true that appearances matter, then it is also true that a pizzeria would not be complete without practical and functional work tools, with design in mind.

What equipment do you need for a pizzeria?

Depending on the type of room (slice, plate pizzeria etc.) various types of equipment may be useful, but some tools are essential:

  • Kneading machine
  • Table for stretching the pizza dough
  • Refrigerated cabinets for the ingredients
  • Drawers for the leavening process
  • Professional tools such as a peel and mini-peel for the oven

The important thing is to choose quality equipment, which can both facilitate the work and last over time.

The latest modern tools, such as the Alfa pizza peel, in addition to being functional they are also aesthetically pleasing, a feature that makes them perfect for those who have an open kitchen.


3. An oven for a professional pizzeria

Customers are increasingly curious and interested in following the necessary steps needed to prepare a pizza and love to watch cooking performances.

Equipping your pizzeria with an open kitchen, therefore, could be a great idea to entertain customers and generate confidence. It will also give your restaurant a more welcoming atmosphere that helps people relax and, consequently, to consume more.

In addition to offering excellent performance and reduced consumption, an oven must have a refined and innovative design capable not only of integrating perfectly into the environment, but also of giving it character.

In a classic-style pizzeria, an artisanal brick oven like Napoli by Alfa manages to immediately recall the traditional atmosphere of Neapolitan restaurants.

The variety of mosaics proposed by Alfa Forni make it the ideal oven for any pizzeria looking for a design that encompasses all the quality and beauty that ‘Made in Italy’ has to offer.

On the other hand, with regard to modern or industrial pizzeria furniture, the oven must have a minimalist and clean style, characterized by the latest technology, such as  the electric oven by Alfa or Opera, the largest professional wood-burning oven in the entire Alfa range also available in the gas and hybrid versions.

A professional pizzeria oven must, therefore, know how to combine functionality and aesthetics, guaranteeing:

  • Excellent production capacity
  • Temperature attainment speed
  • Easy handling and positioning
  • Attention to aesthetics
  • Reduced consumption

All features that will allow you not only to furnish your restaurant with style, but also to work easily and without spending a fortune on fuel or electricity.

Pizzeria furniture: 3 items that must not be ignored

Design and efficiency: the advantages of professional Alfa Forni ovens

Each activity has its own needs that can be linked to the type of pizza to be cooked, the available space, whether there’s a flue and of course, the style of the restaurant.

Alfa Forni, thanks to its high-profile workforce and continuous investments in research and development, manufactures traditional, hybrid or electric pizza ovens with cutting-edge technology and materials so as to ensure a series of advantages.

Let’s have a look at these in detail.


  1. Optimisation of spaces

Often the space available is one of the main problems when deciding to furnish a pizzeria.

Modern professional ovens, however, manage to combine small dimensions, lightness and great performance, thus solving the problems related to available space.

The Alfa Forni ovens, thanks to CompactFlame technology, are capable of ensuring maximum production capacity in the smallest possible space, thus representing an excellent solution for terraces, outdoor living and open space environments.

Furthermore, by optimizing the available spaces, you will be able to use the extra room for a correct and functional use of the other kitchen tools and utensils.


  1. High performance and low consumption

Let’s not forget that a pizza oven, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, must also allow you to churn out pizzas that are consistently well cooked, even with different types of dough and especially at peak times.

High performance, low consumption and reliability over time are, therefore, essential requirements for a professional oven.

This is why Alfa Forni ovens are made with a particular insulation that uses three layers of ceramic fibre.

Furthermore, thanks to the Forninox™ technology, which combines the properties of AISI 304 stainless steel with those of refractory bricks, Alfa Forni pizza ovens are capable of accumulating heat quickly.

This is also due to the fact that the dome of the ovens, made with a thick stainless steel plate, heats up much faster than refractory bricks, allowing the oven to be ready to cook pizzas in just a few minutes, thus saving time and money.

Thanks to the excellent insulation and Forninox™ technology, Alfa Forni professional ovens offer you: consistent and perfect cooking, maximum energy efficiency and reduced consumption.


  1. Easy installation and handling

Alfa Forni professional ovens do not require masonry work for installation and positioning.

In fact, once you receive the delivery of the oven to your pizzeria, you simply need to remove the packaging and connect it according to the type of fuel supply you have chosen, after which it is immediately ready for use.

Furthermore, each model is easily moveable, a feature that makes Alfa Forni ovens extremely interesting and versatile if you want to take advantage of the outdoor spaces during the summer or other areas within your premises.

Alfa forni ovens, whether they be powered by wood, gas or hybrid, can be placed indoors or outdoors, consistently offering you impeccable cooking performance.


  1. Appealing design

As we have seen, with open kitchens, the oven becomes the restaurant’s protagonist, representing an actual decorative feature capable of giving character to any space.

The entire range of Alfa Forni ovens is designed and manufactured to combine  high performance with a unique design that has a strong aesthetic impact.

The use of terracotta refractory materials, produced directly by Alfa craftsmen, enclose all the knowledge and experience of true ‘Made in Italy’ products, while keeping their beauty intact over time.

Thanks to customisation, Alfa Forni ovens manage to integrate into practically any style and environment and blend in both with the other appliances and furnishing accessories you have chosen for your pizzeria.

The more traditional models include all types of refractory wood-burning ovens and are created with a classic design in mind, without sacrificing innovation and Alfa technology.

With regard to the more contemporary or industrial furniture, as we have already seen, ​the Zeno electric oven ​perfectly interprets the essence of minimalism and functionality​.​​

The Opera model, on the other hand, available in ten different colours, is the ideal solution for modern front-cooking thanks to its simple but distinctive design, which immediately makes it the protagonist of the room.

The attention to detail and careful aesthetics make Alfa Forni ovens perfect for entertaining your customers with show-cooking performances where they can admire all the pizza makers’ mastery.

Pizzeria furniture: 3 items that must not be ignored

Unique and stylish pizzeria furniture

In this article we have seen how the furniture for your pizzeria is as important as the quality of your pizzas.

Carefully choosing each element and creating a welcoming environment, with a well-defined style, will ensure that each person can have a unique and pleasant experience in your restaurant.

A good professional pizza oven will be able to offer you excellent performance and reduced consumption, but also a refined design capable of enhancing both the environment and the gestures of the pizza maker.

Alfa Forni ovens, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and selected materials, manage to integrate into any environment and guarantee maximum efficiency.