Introduced at Host Milano 2019,Zeno is the star product of the commercial line of Alfa Forni, for 40 years now the go-to company for Italian and worldwide pizza makers.

Anagni, 11 February 2020 Alfa Forni, the venerable brand of made-in-Italy ovens, announces the launch of its first electric oven designed according to the needs of hospitality and bakery professionals.

Ten years after introducing the world’s first stainless-steel oven, conceived by Alfa Forni in 2010, and following a pretty buoyant market, the Zeno electric oven, the flagship product of the commercial range, is born. Serviceable lava stone landing, hand-finished, stainless-steel extractor hood, small mouth to better retain heat are just some of the innovations that come with the new product as a consequence of the hard work of Alfa’s team who paid attention to the smallest details with an eye to improving performance and design as well.


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Zeno, the first neapolitan electric oven from alfa forni, is now for sale | Alfa Forni

Zeno reaches the temperature of a bona fide Neapolitan wood-fired oven (500°C in 120 minutes) so that it works just fine in cases where burning wood is subject to restrictions. It doesn’t require a chimney to run so it fits in everywhere. Thanks to Alfa Forni’s high-density refractory bricks, the heat in the cooking chamber is retained longer than competing products resulting in a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption.

The control panel is provided by a state-of-the-art digital touch screen with various functions such as programmable ignition, separate digital temperature control for dome and floor, personalised cooking programmes. It is embedded in the oven landing to make installation easy by placing the oven on a pre-existing base, for instance.

Zeno is now available at our Alfa’s distributors: for further info visit

“2020 will certainly bring new opportunities for Alfa Forni in terms of volumes and innovation”, says operations manager Andrea Lauro. “The lean manufacturing techniques we implemented in the production process are really paying off concerning product improvement and productivity”.

“After launching the new electric oven in Host Milano, the positive feedback from our distributors proved that we are well on our way to meeting professionals needs and to forecast large production volumes for 2020 and for years to come”, adds Giulia Lauro, R&D manager.