Temperature Control on Alfa

You’ve probably heard about the versatility of the Alfa oven and how backyard cooks in North America are creating not only delicious pizzas, but steaks, roasts, burgers, cedar plank salmon and [...]

Man vs Fire

In the age-old battle of man (and woman) vs fire, who wins? You win! By tradition, the wood oven has always been the best design for cooking pizza and bread. The high temperatures and refractory [...]

The Alfa Family Tradition

Alfa Ovens began 40 years ago in the backyards of two cousins from the south of Italy. At the time, Rocco Lauro and his cousin Marcello Ortuso simply wanted to build a wood-fired oven for their [...]

Hotter, Faster, Different

Alfa Ovens is bringing a new way of cooking to North America and everyone is wondering what Hotter, Faster, Different is all about. HOTTER Alfa Ovens get hot fast and stay hot longer. [...]